Commercial Remodeling

The Professional Look

Over the years there has been many changes in office designs.  Many of our clients have allowed their workplace to become outdated and in general, well used. This leads to bad first-time impressions.  Here are a few key reasons to renovate your office space.

Employee appreciation

When you update your office not only in new furnishings but more workable office space, you’re telling your employees that you care about them. That the company in general is a good place to come to work.  It’s inviting for them to come to work and stay as a long-term employee.  They take pride in the office, and it becomes their company as well as yours.  This creates more productivity and a happier work force.  Having an outdated or aged office space tells your employees that if you as an owner don’t care, way should they care.

More Efficient Workspace

As office equipment technology as advanced, its space requirements have decreased in size.  That old car size copier is now something that sits on top of a small table.  Yet the space it once occupied now has file boxes stacked there. The big bulky computer cases and screens have given way to slim laptops or flat screens, yet you still have massive steel cubicles in place.

Opening up the work area helps to bring in more natural light and movement within the area.  You’ll be surprised how nice opening up the old office, low lighted work cave changes the over all look of your office.

In addition, office space is expensive per square foot.  Rearranging your current available space saves having to spend on renting or buying additional square feet.  Changing areas into more accessible space make for a more productive office and allows workers a flexible environment to work in.

Attracting New Employees

Under your current office conditions, let’s pretend that you were recruited and invited to interview to come to work at the company.  Walk into the front door, look around and at first glance, ask yourself if you’d wish to work there based on what you see.  If the answer is no, you need to consider changing the office environment.  It’s hard enough to attract new talent in the current workforce today.  Making it not very inviting makes it even harder.

Spending time convincing someone to work for you is costly and usually ends up picking the wrong person which is even more expensive.  First impressions to both new customers and talent only comes once and there is never a second chance.

What Can a Business Owner Do?

First thing you need to ask is budget. Can I afford it?  That’s understandable. In most cases, you’ve already invested in new office equipment such as computers, copy machines.  This has to be done from time to time are you just don’t stay in business.  So, what we’re really talking about is the physical space along with new furnishings.  Moving walls, plumbing, electrical may not be in your budget.

But you can do little things.  Flooring, paint, new ceiling tiles and small things like switching to LED lighting.  These small projects add so much value to the look of your office and at very little costs.  More bang for the buck if you will.  If your building is more then ten years old, you may wish to upgrade the power system by adding more outlets.  This allows more flexibility as to where workstations can be placed.  This also allows employees more choices as to where they wish to work from.  Not all employees like to work with one another. By allowing them their own “personal space” makes for a happier work environment.

Bottom Line

Investing in an office renovation project isn’t just about having to spend the money.  It’s about projecting your company as being successful and a leader in the business community.  It’s investing in bringing in more customers which in turn pays for the renovations and adds value to your business.  It’s like advertising.  If you stopped all ads for your business, soon you won’t be in business.  When people walk into a dark, office cave, subconsciously they ask the question, if this is how they feel about their business, how are they going to feel about my business if I hire with them?