Let's Talk Kitchens...

A homes kitchen is usually the focal point of any house.  Most family discussions on everything from how the soccer game  went to finances are more than likely done in the kitchen or at a table near the kitchen. It’s the location in the home that brings everyone together. So why not make it an inviting and functional place to be.

Over the course of my construction years I have heard so many people complain that their current kitchen arrangement doesn’t work.  It’s either too small or doesn’t have enough cabinet space.  It’s not wide enough and the list goes on.  My answer to all of these people has always been the same. Just think about what you wish in a kitchen and let’s put it down on paper.

Kitchen remodels don’t have to be expensive.  In fact, remodeling is just like a sculptor carving a masterpiece.  You just have to chip away the unwanted parts to bring out what is already there.  The kitchen rebuild is no different.  It may be something as simple as removing a wall, or just changing the color of your cabinets.  You’d be surprised how easy and fast it can be.

In this post I have placed a few photos as examples to give you some food for thought.  Look over your current kitchen layout and think about how you would like to change it.  Capitol Renovations would be happy to discuss any ideas you may have and help to bring them to reality.

These photos show an example of three different kitchen designs.  The top one being of a traditonal design while the middle one is of a more rustic layout.  The bottom one is a very contemporary style with the stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops.  I like this design because of the commercial look that it portrays and the fact that is not as busy looking as some of the others.  Of course, your tastes may differ from mine but thats whats nice about it.  You get to pick your new kitchen and not live with the one the builder put in the house.

So give it some thought and do a little reseach to help you pick the design you would like.  There are thousands of examples on the Internet and just as many books on the subject at your local home improvement center.  Become that sculptor we talked about and have fun!


 As always, Capitol Renovations would love to help you in the redesign of your kitchen and make it one the whole family will love to spend time in.