Relaxing Bathrooms

Most bathrooms in track homes use contractor grade cabinets, shower pans
and surrounds with the lowest price marble tubs you can get. After a
few years, they become dated looking and worn. This is because the
finishes aren’t that great. The particle board cabinets become swollen
due to moisture from shower steam and paint begins to come off. Tile
grout was never sealed and now has dirt and grime in it. All these
factors date a bathroom pretty fast. Removing that old unused garden
tub and extending a master shower with frameless glass enclosure opens
up the room. New vanities and more storage space also helps with the
new look. The minimal investment you spend in a new bathroom adds so
much more to the value of your home not to mention how much you’d enjoy

Let us review your current bathroom design and see what Capitol
Renovations can do for you!