Let's Talk Kitchens!

The center of any home is always the kitchen. No matter what’s going on
in the house, getting ready in the morning for school and work, having
family over for the holidays, or just a couple discussing the household
finances, the kitchen is usually the place everyone gravitates to. It’s
the go to spot.

Being in business for over 35 years, I have seen so many bad kitchen
designs. The plan just doesn’t work and feels uncomfortable. In most
cases, it just doesn’t flow right, or a wall blocks off the kitchen from
the rest of the house and you feel like you’re working in a cave.
Foremost, kitchens need cabinet space. It keeps the clutter off the
counter tops and helps to open up the space. Removing blocking walls
and high bars that where popular in the seventies helps a whole lot in
bringing in more natural light and helps with conversations from living
areas while family is over.

Kitchen remodeling projects don’t have to break the bank. You’d be
surprised at how little you’ll spend with minor adjustments to your

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